3D Performance International

Since its launch back in 2014, the successful 3D-Funktion course has hugely improved the level of competence among Sweden’s Personal Trainers and Physical Therapists, and concentrated on the body’s natural movement patterns.

We are now taking another step and launching the much sought-after 3D-Performance. The new course is aimed at today’s Personal Trainers, Physiotherapists, other movement therapists, as well as athletes, who want to learn more about how they can, with the right kind of physical training, get maximal performance with minimal risk of injury.

It is about time we begin to utilize what we know about the body’s functions and capacity into preparing our athletes for their demanding sports as best as we can. We use fundamentals such as the laws of physics on gravity, mass, and movement as basis for the course, and figure out what happens when these forces meet the ground. This knowledge is the basis for the important strategies you need to be able to individualize your physical training.

During the three information-packed days you will participate in the successful methods of Andreas Öhgren and Seth Ronland – the methods they use on everyone from kids to youth to world-class stars and athletes. You’ll learn the thought processes leading to a successful screening and choosing the right exercises for a specific individual, and how to lay out an individualized training plan, from the basic and general to the sport-specific ones. We even go over what good periodization looks like, when you should train, what, and why.

During the training you’ll participate in a bunch of exercises that will have a huge impact on every single athlete you’ll help from here on. We go over everything from warm-up, agility, speed, mobility/stability, strength, explosivity, oxygen intake, recovery and much more. Do you want to play a part in changing tomorrow’s physical training? Register for 3D-Performance today!

I believe that in 5 years, most of Sweden’s physical trainers will have participated in this education, and the future of Swedish sports will then look very bright!

Tony Ohlsson
Personal Trainer, Motiva Fitness


• Warm-up exercises
• Fascia release (treatment techniques) in 3 planes
• Reaction techniques/exercises
• Power training
• Plyometric training
• Speed, pre-puberty
• Speed for different sports
• Change of direction
• Strength – the right exercises for the right individual in the right situations
• Mobility training
• Recovery
• Program design
• Modern periodization
• Studies
• Training for kids/youth

Price and location

Want to join in and change the future of training? Secure your spot for 3D Performance today!

Pricing and information

Price: 14 999 kr/person excl.VAT
Location: Sankt Jörgen Park, Gothenburg, Sweden.
Time: Course schedule is 9:00am–5:30pm (9–17.30) on days 1 and 2, and 8:00am–4:00pm (8–16) on day 3.

Price and registration

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16-18 mars | 3D Performance Int. | Sankt Jörgen Park, Göteborg - 14999 SEK

Additional information

Please inform us of any food allergies, special diets, comments or other wishes.

Rules and policies

• Registration for participation is binding.
• In case of cancellation any later than four weeks before course start, or in case of absence from course, the participant will be charged 75% of the course price.
• In case of cancellation with a medical certificate, the participant is compensated 100% of the paid invoice.
• You can change your spot for a later course (if there are spots available) up to four weeks before the start of the course for which you have originally registered. The invoice will then be paid as previously planned and you will be credited for the next course.


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