3D Performance International

Since its launch in 2014, the 3D Function Feature has raised the level of knowledge substantially among the country's coaches and therapists, focusing on the body's natural movement pattern.

Now we take another step and launch the highly-demanded 3D Performance.
The new course is aimed specifically at you who today work as a personal trainer, therapist or athlete, and want to learn more about how to get the right performance with minimal injury.

Why performance?

Because it’s high time to use what we know today about the body’s function and capacity to prepare our athletes for their demanding sports best. During the course, we take off the physics laws of gravity, mass, and motion – and figure out what happens when these forces meet the ground. This knowledge forms the basis for the essential strategies you need to customize the training.

During these three days, you will learn from Andreas Öhgren and Seth Ronland’s successes that they use on everything from children and adolescents to world class athletes

You will learn the thought process that leads to successful screening, how to think about choosing the exercises for the particular individual and how to set up an individualized training plan (from basic to sports-specific). We also review how a good periodization can look – when should you train what and why.

During the course, you will learn exercises that will be of great importance to each athlete you will help in the future. We review everything from warming up, agility, speed, mobility/stability, strength, explosiveness, oxygen absorption, recovery and much more.

• Warm up exercises
• Fascia release (self-myofascial release ) in all three planes
• Reaction Techniques / Exercises
• Power training
• Plyometric training
• Speed, pre-teen
• Speed ​​for different sports
• Directional changes
• Strength – correct exercises for the right individual at the right time
• Mobility training
• Recovery
• Program design
• Modern accrual
• Studies / Science
• Training for children/youth

In the next five years, most trainers in the country will have studied the 3D Funktion program, making the future of Swedish sports very bright.

Tony Ohlsson
Personal Trainer, Motiva Fitness

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